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Best-of-2012A Little About Us

"My son started at age 4 in the Little Ninja's class and now 2 years later has earned his orange belt in Taekwondo. I initially picked this school because it was the only one near my house that did not require a long term contract. The staff are all wonderful with the kids mixing just the right amount of strictness with fun and humor" - Ashley Owens "My son has been taking classes here for over a year now and he still loves it. The combination of learning Tae Kwon Do, and Brazilian Jiujutsu has given him a well-rounded martial arts education " -Jeff Penske "Great Karate Center! My kids love the classes. They are challenging but fun and everyone is very enthusiastic. The instructors are helpful and great at what they do. If you or your child is interested in Karate, this is the place to go!"- Erin Henson Based on customer feedback, Karate USA is ranked Excellent to Perfect by Google with over 100 five-star reviews. For 28 years Karate USA has built a reputation of quality instruction, forward-thinking curriculum and dedication to our community. In addition to providing the highest level of training in Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu Come see for yourself our 5000 SF State of the Art studio in Johns Creek (close enough for Suwanee, Cumming and Alpharetta clients). Our studio has 2 workout areas and is one of the largest facilities in the area. Come try a FREE CLASS and see why we were "Voted BEST" by Kudzu.com, Ranked #1 by Bundle.com and have the most five-star reviews in our area on Google. If you are looking for a local martial arts academy where students can train in an atmosphere that provides top quality instruction, safety, and an all around positive environment ... Karate USA should be your choice.

Come Meet Our Staff

We'd love for you to come talk with us about your goals and tour the academy. You're welcome to watch a class in action or if you're ready to get your feet wet we offer a free trial class. Either way, we'd love to meet you. David Bartow, Instruction is led by Master Instructor Bartow Executive Director and Founder of Karate USA. Master Bartow has been training for over 35 years and teaching for more than 30 years. All students who reach Black Belt are certified through the WTF under Master Bartow's signed approval. Master Bartow oversees operations, exams, tournaments and special events. He also teaches classes at Karate USA. We also employ assistant instructors who are all certified black belts.

Changing Lives and Changing Community

When students come to train they're greeted by friendly instructors who provide a fun and supportive learning environment. Our academy is clean and bright. Our goal of changing lives and changing community through martial arts is evident in every minute of class time.  Success for us is determined by how well students take what they learn on the mat -- character, confidence, integrity, self-control, humility, perseverance, and courtesy -- and apply it off the mat.  Classes for K-12 grade students re-enforce our "Black Belt Attitude" with monthly chore sheets (cleaning room, showing respect at home, practicing self control).  Students K-12 are also rewarded at Karate USA for maintaining excellent grades and conduct at school. The real-world evidence of this mission is found in our SuperHero Project -- a community service initiative that teaches students leadership through project management. Over 300 projects have been completed by Karate USA students and uploaded to the online portfolio. When we tell our students to be the change they want to see in the world, it's not just talk. Karate USA students set the example.

Leading the Way

Students will lead by example when their teachers and schools lead by example. That's why we are constantly updating and tweaking our curriculum. We are proud to be the first school in the area to develop a comprehensive community outreach initiative, to supplement our main martial arts training program with submission grappling, and to launch a  meaningful Black Belt test -- The Ultimate Black Belt Test. We are Partners in Education with dozens of local PTA, elementary and middle schools providing them with tens of thousands of dollars in donations and scholarships each year. Martial arts is more than amazing physical training, it's a powerful tool for making mental, social, and emotional change with the right program and the right leadership.

Un-Matched Instruction Quality

The majority of students just want to belong to a program that they can fully participate in. They love that martial arts training is all about what they can do and when they come to class they know they won't be sitting on the bench. Whether you're uncoordinated and weak or an all-star athlete we have a place in our program for you. The fun part is watching your transformation regardless of where you started. Everyone has more potential that needs to be unlocked and our instructors know how to do exactly that. In 2005 we launched our competition team which competes at the state, regional, and national level. Since then we have trained over 30 National Champions in Olympic Taekwondo. These aren't students who came to us as amazing athletes. Quality of instruction is about helping regular students accomplish things they never thought were possible. We want to help you next.