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Unleash the Super Hero inside your 4 or 5 year old!

Your child needs a structured program to channel their energy, improve their focus and listening skills, and aid their physical development. A program that will instill confidence in your young child for years to come to deal with bullying and negative influences.  YOU need a program that's going to reinforce the discipline and life skills you're teaching at home. Now, you've found it! Bring your child to our action-packed classes where we guarantee improvements in focus, active listening, self-control, and physical abilities in as little as 30 days. Our certified Black Belt Instructors will have your little SuperHero wanting to show you their "Black Belt Attitude" at home by cleaning their own room, going to be on time and showing the entire family RESPECT.  

Answers to Your Questions...

What martial art will my child study?
The Little Ninjas program is geared toward providing a foundation for success in Taekwondo, one of the only martial arts that is also an official Olympic sport. The curriculum is designed to give them a head start when they graduate to our 6+ program.
How often can I attend? How long are classes?
Classes are 30 minutes long and Little Ninjas can attend up to three classes per week.
Will my child need equipment?
No.  Our Little Ninjas just need a uniform which is provided for them on all memberships.
How do promotions work?
Little Ninjas are awarded "junior" ranks based on consistent attendance, achieving individual improvement markers, and displaying a positive attitude.
Who will be teaching my child?
Little Ninjas classes are led by internationally certified Black Belt instructors who specialize in teaching children and undergo consistent instructor training.
Do I have to sign a contract?
The membership for our Little Ninjas program is month to month. It's our guarantee of excellence. Our students stay because our program is valuable, not because they're locked into it.