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Karate USA Specializes in Classes for Children.

The dynamics of Olympic Style Taekwondo, the proven self-defense effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an amazing character development program - Super Hero Project, and a whole lot of fun. In a sentence, that's the Karate USA martial arts program for your 6 to 11 year old. Parents love our month to month memberships, open scheduling, unlimited attendance, and the fact that our internationally certified Instructors mentor their child on their journey to Black Belt. Karate USA is a proud Business Partners with Shakerag Elementary, Johns Creek Elementary, Findley Oaks Elementary, Medlock Bridge Elementary, Wilson Creek Elementary and South Forsyth Middle School.  Over the past 26 years we are honored to be an active member of our community through our Super Hero Project. Actions speak louder than words let us show you Karate USA...

Answers to Your Questions...

What martial art will my child study?
Your child will study the martial art and Summer Olympic sport of Taekwondo as well as the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These two arts compliment each other very well and will provide your child with a strong base of martial arts technique, athleticism, and discipline.
How often can I attend? How long are classes?
Classes are 45 minutes long and there is no limit on attendance. Attend once per week or 5 times a week. The studio is available to you as often as you'd like to train.
Do all ranks train together?
No. Unlike other schools, your child will start training in classes only with other beginners. After about six months they'll graduate to our intermediate class. Teaching beginners in separate classes allows our instructors to work with your child to grasp the fundamentals in a slower-paced learning environment.
How do promotions work?
Your child will be awarded international rank certification in Taekwondo based on consistent attendance, achieving individual improvement markers, displaying a positive attitude, achieving character development requirements, and meeting technical standards. Our students are certified by the World Taekwondo Federation.
Who will be teaching my child?
All martial arts classes are led by internationally certified Black Belt instructors who specialize in teaching children and undergo consistent instructor training.
Do I have to sign a contract?
We offer month to month memberships as our guarantee of excellence. Our students stay because our program is valuable, not because they're locked into it. If you would like a discount on your training you may choose a term membership but you are never required to do so.